Name Interesting Fact Action

Alberto Ibarras

Lived in South Korea for a bit

Dejen Tes

Was a highschool math teacher in Ethiopia

Dominic Mena

Is Mexican

Elijah Early

Was captain of his wrestling team in highschool

Isaac Anderson

Grew up in a commune in the woods

Ivona Mojsovska

Has been a lead singer in a band

Maka Chikava

Has lived in 5 different countries

Benjamin Stratton

Has been to 49/50 status in the U.S.

Bailey Rechkemmer

Has a small chunk missing from his left ear

Mckee Thatcher

Is an artist on Spotify

Phat Phi Ca

Was born in Vietnam

Romina Douk

Tutored Spanish speaking students in english, while not knowing any Spanish

Ryan Moon

Split his head open twice as a kid

Sydney Clark

Traveled to 13 different countries

Zachary Bolich

Is 35 and recently broke his arm skateboarding

Lawrence Yang

Born in the US but grew up in China

Max Dickinson

Has a twin

Jacob Stephens

Daily measures greenhouse temperatures